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Cyst & Lipoma Removal

Patients looking to remove unsightly or uncomfortable cysts or lipomas are invited to consult with dermatologists at Greenbrae Dermatology. Removing these common skin problems is relatively simple and can be done in the office.

What is a Lipoma?

A lipoma is a non-cancerous soft tissue growth found just under the skin. They are often located on the neck, upper thigh, torso, upper arms, or armpits, but they can be found throughout the body. Not much is known about the cause of lipomas, but their development is usually hereditary. They may also be caused by minor injuries as well. Lipomas are not painful and have a soft, rubbery feeling. They remain relatively unchanged or grow very slowly.

When to have a Lipoma surgically removed

If a lipoma becomes bothersome or causes any of the following symptoms, you may want it removed surgically.

  • Pain or tenderness
  • Infection or inflammation
  • Foul-smelling discharge
  • Continual growth
  • Hinders movement

To remove a lipoma, local anesthesia is used, and a dermatologist makes a small incision to extract the growth. The incision is then closed with stitches.

What is a Cyst?

A cyst is a closed pocket of tissue that is non-cancerous. Infections, clogged oil glands, or foreign objects like an earring can cause cysts to occur anywhere on the body. This type of growth increases in size slowly and does not hurt unless they are infected, inflamed, or ruptured. If a cyst begins to cause problems, it can be drained, but that does not cure it. If a cyst continues to be inconvenient after other forms of treatment, it may be removed surgically.

One of the many ways we distinguish ourselves from other dermatologists is by providing a thorough consultation that addresses all cosmetic skin issues on the body. We then offer the best possible treatment or combination of treatments to meet each patient’s individual needs. Cyst or lipoma treatment costs will be determined based on each patient’s specific case.

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