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Belotero is a unique dermal filler that’s been designed to integrate into your skin and mold to your exact facial contours. Belotero adapts to the individuality of your skin to help reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles.*

Why Belotero is unique?

Belotero is unique because it easily adapts within the skin for soft and even improvement of all wrinkles, including fine to deep lines.* Belotero is very versatile and can handle deep treatment areas such as nasolabial folds (“smile lines”) and the more delicate areas such as vertical lip lines (“smokers lines”). Most other dermal fillers can not handle both deep and delicate treatment areas like these. This makes Belotero especially perfect for the reduction of “smokers lines”, the fine vertical lines right above your top lip, that most fillers can not treat at all.*

How Belotero works

Belotero is made of a material called Hyaluronic Acid (HA). HA naturally exists in your skin already. Belotero provides you with extra HA to bind to the natural water in your skin and fill in wrinkles and folds, allowing for quick and smooth reduction.*

Before & After Belotero Balance
Before & After Belotero Balance

Treatment Areas

  • Vertical Lip Lines (Perioral Lines): Also known as “smokers lines”, these form when volume is lost in the skin around your mouth, especially above your lips. Because these lines can be narrow and shallow, they were usually difficult to treat.
  • Smile Lines (Nasolabial Folds): These lines or creases run from the side of the nose to the corner of the mouth, and get deeper as you age, making you look older or unhappy.
  • Corners of the Mouth (Oral Commissures): Aging can cause you to lose volume in this area, resulting in a sad appearance of the mouth, which makes you look like you are frowning.
  • Marionette Lines: These run downward from the corners of the mouth and can make you look like you’re frowning, even when you’re not. These lines can turn into deeper creases as we age and lose facial volume.

What to expect

When you arrive at Greenbrae Dermatology for your Belotero dermal treatment, your skin will be cleansed and prepped for injection. A topical anesthetic may be used to reduce discomfort during the treatment (though the pain level associated with Belotero filler injections is considered very minimal). Your Belotero dermal filler will be injected into all treatment areas per the treatment plan you and your injector have specified. The entire process typically takes 30 minutes up to an hour.

There is no downtime needed following Belotero injections. Patients may return to their regular activities immediately following treatment. Some patients may experience some mild swelling or bruising, though these issues typically resolve within one week.

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